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Kmart Corp. v. Footstar, Inc.

777 F.3d 923 (7th Cir. 2015)

Words & Phrases

Duty To Defend: Additional Insured

Trial Judge

Hon. Susan Cox

Appellate Judge

Justice Bauer


Insurer had duty to defend additional insured but ultimately no duty to indemnify it where policy incorporated limitations in underlying contract

Fact Summary

Under an agreement between Footstar and Kmart, Footstar operated the footwear departments in various Kmart stores as though they were islands. Footstar employees could only work in those departments unless they had written permission from Kmart. On July 27, 2005, a Footstar employee tried to help a customer get an infant carrier off a shelf outside the footwear department and the customer was injured. She sued, and Kmart eventually sought indemnification for the settlement and defense costs from Footstar and its insurer, Liberty Mutual.

The Court affirmed the magistrate judge’s finding that Footstar and Liberty Mutual both had a duty to defend beginning the day Kmart formally requested coverage since the injury was potentially coverable under the agreement and insurance policy. However, it reversed and held neither Liberty Mutual nor Footstar had a duty to indemnify Kmart because the injury did not occur “pursuant to” or “under” the agreement between Kmart and Footstar. That agreement specifically precluded Footstar employees from working outside of the footwear department, where the injury occurred, and actions taken in contravention of the agreement were not “pursuant to” or “under” it. It also affirmed the magistrate judge’s decisions that Liberty Mutual did not deny coverage in bad faith and that Kmart did not breach the relevant notice provisions such that Liberty Mutual and Footstar could withhold defense costs. The court also found any argument about prejudgment interest has been waived.