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Minnesota Life Ins. Co. v. Jones

771 F.3d 387 (7th Cir. 2014)

Words & Phrases

Life And Disability Insurance: Beneficiaries

Trial Judge

Hon. Amy St. Eve

Appellate Judge

Justice Posner


Decedent's son entitled to life insurance proceeds over claim of decedent's sister.

Fact Summary

In life insurance interpleader action, district court properly awarded proceeds to decedent’s son over the objections of decedent’s sister who claimed that decedent was homosexual and was not the father. Illinois Parentage Act created presumption that decedent was natural father to alleged son, where decedent and son’s mother had signed acknowledgement of paternity. Moreover, sister’s allegations regarding homosexuality of decedent was not conclusive evidence that decedent could not have been father of alleged son.